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Technology plays a role in every aspect of our business and provides Fidelity with a competitive advantage, enabling world class customer service and operational efficiency.

Fidelity Investments Ireland provides a diverse range of technology capabilities that touch almost every aspect of our businesses, impacting both our customers’ and employees’ experiences. We build solutions for portfolio monitoring and trading, workplace and institutional investing, fund pricing, market data, cyber and information security, work flow management, financial reporting, charitable giving, and customer data analytics. We deliver solutions using Agile methodologies, and contribute throughout the technology lifecycle with diverse roles including Systems Analysts, User Experience Designers, Architects, Software Engineers, Data Analysts, Performance and QA Engineers and Programme Managers.

Operations and Corporate Shared Services

The Ireland organisation provides a global hub for high value business operations and corporate shared services. Our employees have a direct impact on Fidelity’s mission to provide the best customer experience in the Financial Services Industry. We act as the European R&D hub for Fidelity’s Center for Applied Technology, providing middle and back office support services, as well as capabilities in Compliance, Risk Management, Financial Management and Accounting.

A career at Fidelity Investments Ireland offers:

  • The excitement of the fast-moving, global financial services marketplace
  • The challenge of a diverse, advanced technology environment
  • The opportunity to innovate and contribute to the firm’s mission to provide the best customer experience in the market
  • Continual challenges to learn and experience a wide variety of cutting edge technologies
  • The satisfaction of personal achievement and professional growth

As part of a large and complex global organisation, Fidelity employees work on a wide variety of projects. Here is a glimpse of just a few interesting projects that are currently underway or have been recently completed.

Equity Trading

Our team in Ireland work with Portfolio Managers and technologists based in Fidelity's Boston office to design and build the high performing trader desktop that is used by the Boston, London and Hong Kong trading desks. Using Agile, our developers are involved in front end and middle tier development using various technologies including .NET, Java, WPF and third party grid and controls such as Dev Express & Synch fusion.

Market Data

Using a combination of Windows and Linux based technologies, the Market Data team, design, develop and support the technologies used to provide market data which enables trading for Fidelity customers and brokers. Our team of engineers continues to manage and maintain the underlying infrastructure put in place to control data sourced from both US domestic exchanges and 42 additional exchanges around the globe.

Funds Pricing – Tax, Custody and Control

Managed Funds Allocation System (MFAS), a fund management system, manages the flow of money in and out of various funds, and ensures it is distributed according to the fund managers' instructions. The system is built on an IBM DB2 database with a PowerBuilder front-end. MFAS is one of the most critical systems in the Fidelity organisation and is always changing to reflect a dynamic marketplace. Recently, a team of developers were involved in the Stabilisation Project which reviewed the core money management functions of MFAS to improve performance, scalability, transaction management and error handling. Performance on several key batch processes improved significantly and the team received a team award for their efforts.

Work Flow Solutions

XTRAC (Cross-Channel Cross-Business Tracking, Routing, and Control) is Fidelity's workflow product. Our team of analysts, developers and QA engineers have responsibility for the design, development and implementation of the thin client interface for the XTRAC process management product. Using Agile, our developers are involved in front end and middle tier development using various technologies including Java, Flex, JQuery, Spring, Ajax/JSON and a number of third party UI libraries.


Fidelity Charitable (FC) is an independent public charity with the mission to further the American tradition of philanthropy by providing programmes that make charitable giving simple and effective. Supporting 11 applications, the Ireland team provides an end to end package of complex skills including: Financial Domain, Business Domain, Responsive Technologies, Service Layer Technologies, Persistence Layer Technologies, DB Technologies, Batch Processing, C2C, Continuous Integration, ATDD, Automated Testing, Secure Code development, Agile Methodology to support this area of the Fidelity business.

Strategic Investment Products and Data (SIPD)

SIPD Ireland are building an innovative data as a service (DaaS) platform to drive next generation customer experience for Fidelity’s 20 million plus customers across personal and workplace investing. The DaaS platform provides a complete customer picture and enables customer personalisation, simplification, growth, and drives lifetime relationships. Our team uses an exciting toolset based on Java, Oracle and big data technologies such as Cassandra NOSQL. They adopt a lean design and development approach using agile, behaviour driven development, continuous integration and design thinking.

Fidelity Centre for Applied Technology (FCAT) Europe

Headquartered in Boston, with a significant presence in Ireland, FCAT acts as Fidelity’s innovation catalyst. Our team in Ireland develops proof of concepts for new and existing businesses by harnessing our global technology expertise, a dedicated Design Thinking practice, and advanced research capabilities. We strive for constant innovation by leveraging academic collaborations, start-up eco-systems, and new and emerging technologies, in order to ensure our customers receive a best in class experience.

Workplace Investing

Fidelity is one of the world’s leading providers of Defined Contribution Pensions, Capital Health Management and Plans, and stock plan services. Our team provides middle office support services for the Relationship Managers for the 12,000 corporations who rely on Fidelity to provide retirement solutions for over 20 million participants.

International Financial Governance

Our team of specialists within our International Finance Group (IFG) provide a wide range of support to our global entities, including financial and management accounting, tax, regulatory, compliance, cash management and accounts payable. IFG support a number of Fidelity business units located in Ireland, UK, Hong Kong and Japan. These business units specialise in areas of asset management, information technology and real estate. IFG ensures timely and accurate completion of multi-jurisdictional accounting, tax and regulatory filings while providing support to the US for consolidation at a group level.

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