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Fidelity Investments Ireland Mission

Our mission is to enable our partners to achieve the best, most innovative solutions possible to meet their business needs.

Fidelity Investments Ireland Vision

  • To be the European partner of choice for Fidelity, consistently delivering high-value solutions
  • To understand and translate our partners' critical business needs into cost-effective solutions delivered through innovative design and high-quality delivery
  • To convert cross-company business knowledge and technology expertise into a level of innovation that supports Fidelity's domestic and global business needs


We strive to build long-term relationships through understanding how our customer's business works. Associates within Fidelity Investments Ireland enjoy accountability for a number of complex projects. To assist in building this understanding we have a comprehensive training suite to develop technical and business domain competence.


We enhance business value by putting innovation at the heart of the solutions we deliver. Fidelity Investments Ireland fosters high value innovative activities internally and also through established partnerships with Irish academic institutions. We pride ourselves on being proven innovators and early adopters of new technology and processes.


Since 1996, Fidelity Investments Ireland has developed a strong track record for exceeding customer expectations. We achieve this through attracting and retaining specialist expertise, assuming ownership and taking accountability to solve complex business problems.

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