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As a leading provider of individual and company-sponsored retirement plans, Fidelity is committed to providing people with the tools they need to save for the future. Fidelity Investments Ireland has a generous pension plan in place that is designed to help you achieve financial security in retirement.

The Company contributions are based on Pensionable Salary. The level of contributions in respect of your retirement benefits depends on your age and length of service, as indicated below. The company contribution rate below increases by an additional 2% after 5 years of service and then another 2% after 10 years service.


Age-Related Increments:

Age as at Previous 1st July
Company Contributions
Up to 29 (inclusive) 5%
30-34 11%
35-39 12%
40-44 14%
45-49 16%
50-54 18%
55+ 20%


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